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If you are looking for High Quality Tea then we may have want you are looking for.

Established in 1974, Imporient is a family owned and run business which draws on five generations of dedicated service to the tea industry. The group has offices in London and Mombasa, Kenya where it is amongst the largest bulk tea buyers in East Africa and is responsible for exporting millions of kilos of tea world-wide each year. All the blends are made from main grade black leaf tea and they guarantee not to use second grade powdery dusts or brown stalk to debase or bring down the cost of the blends.

Imporient Tea is made up of mainly high grown Kenyan tea, from tea estates situated East of the Rift Valley. It is here that the very best Kenyan teas can be found. The tea is grown at about 2000 metres above sea level. The temperature at this altitude is relatively low and a s a result the leaves grow at a slower rate allowing more time to be exposed to the sunlight, rain and soilís nutrients, prior to being plucked. This additional time on the bush in ideal soil and climate conditions are major reasons why Imporient Tea has exceptional brightness, colour and flavour.

The Pfunda Tea Factory and Estate is situated between Lake Kivu and the Nyiragongo Volcano at an altitude of 1700-3100 metres on the Congo Nile Crest. The Region is green and lush with rich volcanic soil which means Pfunda is uniquely placed to producing outstanding tea of unparalleled quality.

The pleasure is in the tasting!!!