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Ground Speciality Coffee

Most of the coffees are available in filter sachet form or as beans or ground in 250g, 500g and 1-kilo foil valved bags.

Kenya AA A very high quality coffee with characteristic `orangey´ Kenya taste. It has a pleasant acidity with good aftertaste.

Kenya Peaberry The same characteristics as above, although picked from the same tree the majority have no flat surface. The name refers to the shape of the beans rather than to any definable cup quality although some say they prefer it to Kenya AA.

Colombia supreme Libano This is one of the top grades of Colombia coffee. Mild tasting coffee with a delightful nutty flavour.

Colombian Medellin Excelso A good quality coffee, very popular with our clientele, a mild taste.

Costa Rica Tarrazu SHB The higher grown coffees are superior in taste and quality. In Costa Rica the bean is referred to as a ``strictly hard bean´´ Excellent Taste without being overpowering.

Brazil Santos Named after the port in Brazil and grown in the Sao Paulo region. This is a quality coffee, without bitterness or acidity.

Ethiopian Mocha A distinctive coffee tasting of cheese or game the flavour is distinctive. Ethiopia is recognised as being where coffee originated and is still grown by individual coffee growers on terraced mountainsides.

Java Mature and full bodied with a distinctive flavour.

Decaffeinated Colombian As Colombia above but slightly darker roasted. Despite being decaffeinated this coffee still retains its flavour.