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From Ethiopia to the World!!!

It is generally considered that Arabica coffee originated from Ethiopia, where the nomadic warriors of the Galla tribe mixed raw berries with grains and animal fats and consumed them in rations. From here the bean was most likely carried by the Arab traders to Yemen through the great port of Mocha, where it was sold initially as medicine. But the enterprising Arabs recognised the value of their discovery and refused to export any fertile beans, so that coffee could not be cultivated anywhere else.
So began a race between the world’s nations to acquire some live coffee trees or beans which were eventually won by the Dutch in 1616. It wasn’t long before coffee was one of the world’s most valuable commodities.

The Inspiration of the Coffee-House !!!

As the popularity of Coffee grew, so did the number of places where people met, drank coffee and discussed the world. THE COFFEE-HOUSE was born.
The Turks called their coffee-houses the “Schools of the Wise” while the English dubbed them ‘Penny Universities’ after the price of entry.

Bean around the World!!!

Coffee rapidly became a global affair. Once fertile coffee trees had been transplanted to different regions of the world, new varieties began to develop, leading to the wide range we have today.
In general there are two types of coffee, Robusta and Arabica. Robusta coffee is not surprisingly a more robust species. It yields a high amount of berries with higher caffeine content and is most commonly used in mass produced instant coffee. Robusta flavour is INCONSISTENT varying from a neutral taste to sharp, earthy and pungent.
However at Hawkins Coffee we only travel to high altitudes to source the finest Arabica coffee beans. The cooler weather at these elevations cause the bean to mature more slowly, intensifying those wonderful flavours we insist on in our coffee! Arabica coffee is grown in different countries, each with its unique flavour and characteristics. Some of the countries include Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and Costa Rica.

Bringing out the bean!!!

A coffee tree takes about 5 years to bear its first crop and continues to be productive for about 15 years. The cherries are generally pick by hand and due to cherries ripening at different times the picker generally makes six to eight passes through the plantation per year to get about 450g  of roasted coffee from each tree.
Once picked, the beans must be extracted from the cherries. A machine strips away the outer skin and pulp. The beans are then soaked in fermentation tanks for up to 3 days to loosen up and wash away the remaining pulp.

On larger plantations, a layer of coffee beans no more than 5 centimetres thick is spread out on expansive patios to dry naturally in the sun. The drying beans are turned over like ploughed earth at regular intervals.

Some plantations sort the beans by colour to remove defects; they are then sorted by size to allow an even roast by the roaster. Once sorted the beans are packed in 60kg sacks and sent around the world until they arrive at places like Hawkins Coffee.

Mixing it with the best!!!

Hawkins Coffee aim at this stage is to make the best coffee consistently, the same combination of blending, roasting and tasting is needed every time. We do not use computers to roast our coffee, each of our bean varietals are hand roasted. This takes longer, but makes for a better flavour. We roast typically on a low heat of 230ºc for approximately 20 minutes which produces a darker, richer roast with a strong sweet flavour. Some competitors blast their beans for a mere four and a half minutes!
We end our roast by stirring the beans in an open tray, they cool slowly, which protects and enhances the flavour.


The Ultimate Test!!!

Cup testing or ‘cupping’ is the ultimate behind the scenes sampling and judging of the coffee. Although tasting coffee sounds like a pretty cushy job, it is quite a ritualistic and scientific process. After the roasting process is complete, tasting is done with freshly roasted ground coffee beans. Each cup is prepared is exactly the same way:
A 7g measure of coffee is placed into a cup of water just off the boil. After a few moments, coffee grounds float to the surface to form a froth like crust. The coffee taster uses a silver spoon to break through the surface of the crust. This releases a burst of aroma that the taster makes notes on. The coffee taster then noisily sips a spoonful of coffee, at the same time sucking in air through pursed lips to aerate the coffee, thus engaging the sense of both taste and smell. The sample is then spat out before the next sample is tested. The taster then keeps notes on the general and specific impressions of each coffee’s flavour, body and acidity. Its important that at this stage that the taster is satisfied that the coffee is the same as previous samples

Espresso Perfecto!!!

The coffee beans have already come along way and are now in the perfect state ready for the trained barista. We train everyone who sells our coffee with Barista skills to make espresso, which is often referred to as the ‘soul’ of coffee. The timeless method of forcing hot water at high pressure through very finely ground coffee was invented in Italy in 1903, and still to this day follow the Italian tradition of ‘four fundamentals’ that if done correctly, produce the perfect espresso.
The “Four Fundamentals”
Blend                          - this is down to us!!
Grind                          - ensure your grinder is set correctly weekly
Machine                      - ensure your machine is clean and operating correctly
Hand                           - ensure you are trained sufficiently and are consistent

Hand – can be broken down into
The Tamp
The Extraction
Steaming Milk

The Journey ends with you!!!

It’s a long journey to get coffee from the bean to the cup, but it’s a labour of love for Hawkins Coffee and now you know how we go about it. You can ruin all our work by producing one bad coffee so let us train you so you can offer your customers:
The Hawkins Coffee Experience!!!!


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